Which model is best for my family or business?

  • WA-2 is our personal-size machine ideal for up to 2 people. Great for home or hotel room.
  • WS-5 / WA-10 / WG-10 / WA-20 are great for a larger family home of 4/6/6/8 or for businesses with common areas such as hotel lobby, gym, conference room, break room, pool or gym.
  • WS-100 / WG-120 line / WW-200 / WW-1200 can supply water for buildings, construction/renovation sites, cafeterias, BOH (back of house) Q: How much is it? Is there financing?
  • For most of our machines we offer a lease-to-own program through Affirm which will allow you to make small payments per month and after, buy out the machine for only $1
  • North Star Leasing for businesses is our third party partner

WA-2                $1,999                              WG-1200C       $209,999

WS-5                 $3,990                             WG-120N         $59,999

WA-10              $5,499                              WG-1200N       $209,999

WG-10              $9,999                             WW-200           $109,999

WA-20              $7,999                             WW-200T         $139,999

WS-100             $54,999                           WW-1200         $199,999

                                  WG-120C           $59,999

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